Aurora Intern Program

**Please note this is an UNPAID program!**

The AURORA Study, based out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is studying the process of recovery after experiencing a traumatic event in Emergency Rooms across the state.  Volunteers will be responsible for using Emergency Department records to screen for potential participants, directly enrolling patients within the trauma center, processing blood samples in a wet-lab setting, and calling participants to schedule follow-up visits.  Volunteers will be adequately trained by the study coordinator to preform all aspects of the enrollment.

This study will require volunteers to commit either 12-16 hours weekly throughout the summer semester, OR 6-8 hours per week for a minimum of two semesters, and active participation will be required for a potential recommendation letter.  Volunteers will have the option of working multiple weekday shifts (M-F 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm) or weekend shifts (8am-2pm or 10am-4pm) each week.  Volunteers will also be asked to attend one weekly supervision meeting, held Friday’s at 1:30pm, to meet as a team and debrief with one of our staff psychologists.  Supervision is held to ensure that there is a space to ask questions and gain support related to enrollments, as some may be challenging and deal with challenging traumatic events.  We will also discuss relevant papers and have guest speakers, making this a great opportunity to meet other researchers in the field and learn about trauma research. 

Every new volunteer MUST be available for two weekend days of training, each lasting about 6 hours, over the course of two weekends (even those applying for weekday shifts). The AURORA Study is an excellent opportunity to get both research and clinical exposure, working directly within the Emergency Department ecosystem, and is suited for anyone interested in pursuing medicine, research, or another healthcare related field.  Please apply at the provided link with your resume/CV and statement of interest, and be sure to indicate your interest in the Emergency Department study.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout each semester, however each group of interns will be trained simultaneously.  We will on-board new interns at the beginning of the Spring, Summer and Fall terms.

Required Intern Qualifications

  • Able to commit to 6+ hours a week for a period of 6+ months (this is non-negotiable) **Please note AURORA Summer may have different requirements**
  • Ability to fully participate in the program within the first two weeks following acceptance 
  • Highly organized.and detail-oriented
  • Outgoing and comfortable talking to strangers
  • Expressed interest in trauma research
  • Fluent in English
  • Comfortable working in a hospital

Your completed application will include both an up-to date CV as well as an interest statement including details about your research experience, your interest in the Grady Trauma Project, and your goals for the future.  Please remember that individuals from MANY different disciplines and backgrounds and with different career goals thrive here at GTP — please let us know who YOU are!