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The Intern Application will close on 8/17/2021 for the Fall Semester

COVID-19 Update:

Due to COVID-19 we are accepting interns for Virtual program involvement at this time on a rolling basis. If you have specific questions regarding the GTP intern program, please email

Intern Opportunities at GTP:

Intern Research Interviewers with the Grady Trauma Project are involved in many different aspects of the project.  They are involved in participant recruitment, assessment and follow-up.  The intern will be FULLY trained by study staff at each stage of involvement and will be thoroughly vetted before being given the responsibility to be in the hospital on their own.  The intern must be comfortable approaching strangers, explaining the consent forms and study procedures, as well as asking the participant questions of a very personal, and at times heavy, nature. The subject of these questions includes history of abuse (sexual, physical, or emotional), life events when the individual felt their life was in danger, the individual’s current living situation, and current psychopathology. Interns will be expected to be able to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours per week, to be determined based on the intern’s availability and grasp of subject matter.  An academic background in Psychology, Biology, or Neuroscience is strongly preferred but not required. In addition to playing an important role in advancing the research, interns will gain valuable first-hand experience in patient interactions, an important component of any type of clinical practice.

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