Intern Application

Thank you for your interest!  Our Fall 2019 Internship application is now closed and those selected for interviews will be notified before 7/19.  Please check back in late fall for the Link to apply for the Spring Cohort!

Responsibilities and Requirements:

Intern Research Interviewers with the Grady Trauma Project are involved in many different aspects of the project.  They are involved in participant recruitment, assessment and follow-up.  The intern will be FULLY trained by study staff at each stage of involvement and will be thoroughly vetted before being given the responsibility to be in the hospital on their own.  The intern must be comfortable approaching strangers, explaining the consent forms and study procedures, as well as asking the participant questions of a very personal, and at times heavy, nature. The subject of these questions includes history of abuse (sexual, physical, or emotional), life events when the individual felt their life was in danger, the individual’s current living situation, and current psychopathology.

Research, especially research with humans, is very time-intensive.  Interns will be expected to be able to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours per week, to be determined based on the intern’s availability and grasp of subject matter.  An academic background in Psychology, Biology, or Neuroscience is strongly preferred but not required.


In addition to playing an important role in advancing the research, interns will gain valuable first-hand experience in patient interactions, an important component of any type of clinical practice. Interns are also encouraged to attend weekly team meetings (Friday, 11 am – 12 pm), where the entire research group gathers to present and discuss our research findings, other relevant studies, as well as the participant interviews conducted during the previous week. Additionally, there are several opportunities for progressing to more advanced responsibilities, including preparing and presenting posters, talks and papers. As project interns, individuals will have the chance to interact with leading doctors and scientists in the trauma field, as well as graduate and medical students. These connections have the potential to lead to mentorship and collaboration down the road.

The Grady Trauma Project Intern Program

**Please note this is an UNPAID program!**

What is Grady Trauma Project?

The Grady Trauma Project (GTP) is a NIH-funded research project that investigates the relative contributions of genetic and environmental risk factors for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in a highly traumatized, low socioeconomic status minority population. All research is conducted at Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

What will you be doing as a intern? 

The primary role of a intern is to conduct interviews with participants on their trauma history and psychological health in the waiting rooms of Grady Memorial Hospital. Interns complete extensive clinical training in order to conduct the interviews independently, gaining meaningful skills in trauma research methods and the administering of clinical psychological measures. Through this work, interns will have the unique opportunity to develop a thorough knowledge of trauma and trauma-related disorders, and will become members of a team at the forefront of international PTSD research. In particular, interns will gain experience working directly with adults and/or children with a range of psychopathology, will develop critical clinical skills, and will be able to administer a number of widely used psychological assessment instruments with both chronic and acutely traumatized populations. Grady Trauma Project is one of the only programs in the country with the opportunity for interns to conduct clinical research without an advanced/graduate degree, therefore making a high level of commitment to the project a necessity.

Interns are expected to complete 6+ hours of clinical research tasks per week for a period of 6+ months. Weekly team meetings occur on Fridays from 11am-12pm at Grady Memorial Hospital  (specialized project meetings also occur on Fridays at various times depending on the project).

Intern Responsibilities

  • Commit to 6+ hours per week average time over 6+ months (preferably 1 year with opportunities for longer for those who are interested) for participant screening and other  commitments
    • Screening Description:
      • Recruit research participants from hospital waiting rooms for the largest epidemiological civilian trauma study in the world
      • Approach potential participants, explain study and consent participants into the study
      • Conduct research participant screens, including collecting participant trauma history, administering psychological symptom inventories, assessing alcohol and drug use, eating behavior, etc.
      • Collect participant saliva sample for subsequent genetic analysis
  • Complete required training, hospital orientation and necessary documentation as needed.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings every Friday from 11AM – 12PM and a regular intern skills training
  • Help out with any other tasks around the project

**Please note that we are unable to write recommendation letters unless you have fully participated in the program for the required time commitment as outlined above**

Required Intern Qualifications

  • Able to commit to 6+ hours a week for a period of 6+ months (this is non-negotiable)
  • Ability to fully participate in the program within the first two weeks following acceptance (By September 9, 2019)
  • Highly organized.and detail-oriented
  • Outgoing and comfortable talking to strangers
  • Expressed interest in trauma research
  • Fluent in English
  • Comfortable working in a hospital

Your completed application will include both an up-to date CV as well as an interest statement including details about your research experience, your interest in the Grady Trauma Project, and your goals for the future.  Please remember that individuals from MANY different disciplines and backgrounds and with different career goals thrive here at GTP — please let us know who YOU are!

**IMPORTANT** — This is a competitive program — we will notify you ONLY IF you have been selected for an interview by Friday July 19, 2019, we appreciate your patience.