Mechanistic Interventions of Neuroscience of Dissociation (MIND) Study

Principal Investigator: Dr. Negar Fani

People exposed to chronic trauma face devastating effects to the brain and body. Chronically traumatized people become highly distressed when attending to emotional stimuli, which can lead to feelings of detachment from their bodies and environment. It is difficult to engage highly dissociative traumatized patients in trauma-focused treatment; however, these patients benefit from acquiring basic emotion regulation skills, including present-centeredness and body awareness. Various practices that involve present-centeredness and body awareness (including mindfulness-based interventions) have been shown to demonstrate short-term and long-term improvement in cognition, emotion regulation and clinical symptoms in dissociative people with trauma exposure.

In order to address this issue, the researchers will evaluate the effectiveness of interventions that engage present-centered awareness and/or body focus.

NCT # 04670640