Ana Martinez de Andino

Dr. Ana Martinez de Andino is a Postdoctoral Resident in Health Service Psychology at Emory University School of Medicine / Grady Health System. She completed her internship with Emory University School of Medicine / Grady Health System in June 2019 and received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami in August 2019. As a Postdoctoral Resident, she currently splits her time between the Grady Trauma Project (GTP) and the Grady Health System Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic. Under the direction of Dr. Abigail Powers at GTP, she leads a research project investigating the efficacy and feasibility of an 8-week adaptation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for low-income, pregnant, African American/Black women. Within the Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic, Dr. Martinez de Andino works closely with Dr. Keith Wood in the implementation of a Cognitive-Behavioral Social Skills Training group program for individuals with a psychotic spectrum or serious behavioral disorder. Dr. Martinez de Andino also helps coordinate the psychological testing service at the Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic. She supervises psychology interns, graduate students, and undergraduate students across her clinical sites. Although her interests are primarily providing clinical services to underserved populations, Dr. Martinez de Andino remains invested in clinical research, collaborating on peer-reviewed scientific articles and grant-writing. As a bilingual psychologist, Dr. Martinez de Andino has conducted intervention and assessments services in both English and Spanish. She aspires to continue working with both English- and Spanish-speaking clients throughout her career, and hopes to bridge the “service gap” for underserved minority clients.