Emergency Department Research

grady edWorking in collaboration with Emory’s Department of Emergency Medicine and Grady’s Emergency Department, we have embarked on a new journey of PTSD research in the ED.

Our emergency department research participants are entirely separate from our main project as they are enrolled in the trauma and critical care zones of the Grady Emergency Care Center.

We currently have two funded studies in this arena; however, we are exploring methods for identifying risk based on imaging and physiology as well.

Prospective Determination of Psychobiological Risk for PTSD (NIMH R01)

PI: Kerry J. Ressler CO-I: Barbara O. Rothbaum, Debra E. Houry

In this 5 year study linked with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL, we are enrolling trauma patients in the Emergency Department hours after trauma. Patients are assessed bedside and follow up over the next year. We hope to discover new methods of predicting PTSD post trauma both psychologically and biologically.

Optimal Dosing of an Early Intervention for PTSD (NARSAD)

PI: Barbara O. Rothbaum CO-I: Kerry J. ResslerDebra E. Houry

In this study, we are enrolling trauma patients shortly after trauma in the Emergency Department. Patients are offered the possibility of an early intervention which may prevent the onset of PTSD (see article). The major question of this study is how many sessions of this intervention are necessary.