Training and Mentoring

The Grady Trauma Project team provides training and mentoring across our multi-disciplinary expertise including: Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Neuroimaging, Neurophysiology, ……………

We currently accept students at various levels of training including:

  • Undergraduate

— If interested please apply through our internship training program — we are happy to work with Emory, GSU, GA Tech, etc. on Research for Credit/Senior Theses IF you discuss with faculty in advance

  • Post-Baccalaureate
  • Graduate: Faculty who are part of the Emory Neuroscience program:

Jennifer Stevens

Vasiliki Michopoulos

Sanne Van Rooij

Negar Fani

  • Graduate Clinical Practicum

— Contact: Abigail Powers Lott

  • Medical (Emory and Morehouse Medical Discovery)